SmartSim Overview

Jaryba SmartSimâ„¢ is a sophisticated resource evaluation tool that can help potential customers understand the utilization savings SmartSuspend will bring to their clusters.

SmartSim scours the resource manager's job logs and gathers pertinent information to determine resource savings and overall gains in cluster utilization. Jaryba SmartSim currently works with the Platform LSF environment.

As part of a proof-of-concept Jaryba SmartSimâ„¢ can show LSF customers the increases in grid utilization and efficiency through their use of SmartSuspend.

Jaryba SmartSimâ„¢ provides insights into the following metrics:

  • Increases in total cluster utilization
  • Gains in high priority job turnaround time
  • Saved CPU hours
  • Lowered queue times for high priority workloads

Jaryba has similar utilization increases with other schedulers such as Altair PBS Professional, Oracle Grid Engine, Adaptive Computing Moab, and Condor. Jaryba is currently researching the development of tools that will document these results as well.

The use of SmartSuspend yields the following benefits:

  1. Improved Quality of Service, to better reflect business priorities, improve employee productivity and company results.
  2. Business Flexibility, allowing changes in project priorities to be reflected in grid resource allocation without any delay or waste of resources.
  3. Improved utilization of grid resources by allowing lower priority jobs to be suspended and free up their resources for use by higher priority jobs. To achieve the same business driven Quality of Service without Smart Suspend would require lower priority jobs to be terminated and waste the resources consumed until the time of termination.
  4. Reclaim of interactive job slots for other workloads when sessions are idle (evenings, nights, weekends, lunch breaks).
  5. Reduced administrative expenses for managing grid workload.