Manage Expensive Software Llicenses

Software licenses can be a significant portion of a grid's cost - it is not unusual to have licenses that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per seat, per year. In these cases the cost of software licenses easily eclipses the cost of the hardware that they run on. Grid scheduling policies must strike a balance between using the licenses as much as possible, while still having licenses available for higher priority work.

Keeping licenses in reserve for specific projects or high priority queues means that they often remain unused. Unused expensive licenses waste money, putting pressure on the grid manager to purchase additional licenses to satisfy the demands of other users.

The ability of SmartSuspend to immediately release license resources enables grids to speculatively use each and every license with the knowledge that a license can be instantly "borrowed back" for project or priority need. This increases the license usage and thus increases the ROI on each license. When grid managers do request additional licenses, it is with the knowledge that the current licenses are fully utilized.

The queuing system's ability to schedule license tokens can be used to identify when there is license contention and then select a lower priority job to suspend.