Reduce or Remove Dedicated Interactive User Slots

Typically the resources available to a grid are used both by interactive users and batch jobs. Interactive slots enable engineers to design solutions to meet business requirements. Often interactive slots are used only sporadically throughout the day, although they tie up dedicated hardware and license resources that cannot be reused for other workload.

SmartSuspend provides a different approach to satisfying sporadic needs for interactive sessions. It guarantees very quick access to the resources, minimizing engineer downtime while productively using the previously wasted time.

This productivity gain is accomplished by creating an "immediate run" queue that preempts one or more other queues. As soon as the engineer submits a job to the immediate run queue, the queuing system selects a lower priority job to suspend, runs the engineer's immediate job and then resumes the original job. The queuing system's existing controls and priority schemes select the job to be temporarily suspended - this can be as simple as always selecting the shortest running job, or using a more complex scheme to fair share the interruptions to all running jobs.