Reclaim Interactive Slots During Off Hours

While SmartSuspend can remove most of the demand for dedicated interactive slots, inevitably some interactive slots will remain, especially during a project's active design phase. Often interactive slots are reserved over a span of days, consuming the dedicated resources even while the engineer is sleeping.

Because SmartSuspend seamlessly interacts with popular queuing systems, it has the ability to monitor for idle interactive slots during off hours. The idle interactive slot jobs are suspended to make way for other queued grid workload. The queuing system is configured not to dispatch new work to these slots within a few hours before the start of the work day. In-progress grid workload completes naturally and then the interactive workload is resumed, with the engineer unaware that resources were reclaimed during the off hours.

Detection of idle interactive slots can be fairly sophisticated using simple operating system commands. For example, there is a difference between a slot in which an interactive design tool has been left idle, and a slot used to run an overnight simulation to be ready for the morning. Idle detection includes idle terminal time and lack of significant consumption of CPU resources.

The reclamation of interactive slots is achieved through the queuing system's configuration, and with grid specific programs to detect idle slots. SmartSuspend facilitates this by seamlessly releasing and subsequently reclaiming hardware and license resources used by the idle interactive slot.