Suspension Examples

The following diagram represents a grid with jobs 1-4 dispatched to and running on nodes, with jobs 5 and 6 waiting in the normal priority job queue for resources to become available.

A new high priority job (#7) is added to the high priority queue that is configured to preempt the normal priority queue.

Normally one or more running jobs would be terminated to make space for the higher priority job. For example both jobs 3 and 4 may have to be terminated to make way for job 7. The termination results in lost work - both jobs 3 and 4 have to be restarted from the beginning.

Instead, with SmartSuspend, both jobs 3 and 4 can be suspended and saved to disk to temporarily make way for job 7. Any licenses used by jobs 3 and 4 are returned to the license server.

When job 7 completes, jobs 3 and 4 are resumed from where they left off: