Using SmartSuspend

Launching a Job

SmartSuspend uses a simple job command utility called ssrcmd that precedes the job's normal invocation command. If a job is normally started in the following manner:

program <program options>

Then it is started under SmartSuspend using the following command:

ssrcmd <ssr options> -- program <program options>

Suspending and Resuming

The ssrcmd utility is also used to issue the suspend and resume operation.

ssrcmd <ssr options> --suspend
ssrcmd <ssr options> --resume

Resource Manager Integration

SmartSuspend is queuing system neutral. It is delivered with tight integration scripts for many common queuing systems such as Platform LSF, Oracle Grid Engine, and Altair PBS Professional. These integration scripts can be adapted on site to match customer specific environments and use cases.

After integration with SmartSuspend the resource manager will be able to automatically invoke suspensions based on its own scheduling policies. This allows the system to maintain its Quality of Service guarantees, and frees the system administrator from having to manually intervene to resolve priority conflicts.