MicroScheduler Modules

MS SmartSuspend

Harness the power of SmartSuspend within the MicroScheduler.

MS SmartSuspend workflow management solution that enables priority based job suspension. microScheduler SmartSuspend releases the system resources including memory, CPU, and floating software licenses, both FlexNET and LM-X, making them immediately available for higher priority jobs. MS SmartSuspend works with any serial or parallel application and without modification to the application or the underlying operating system.

MS IO Balancer

As the number of jobs on a node or cluster increases it becomes more difficult to predict the IO requirements of any specific workload. Complicating this issue even further is the challenge of managing the IO usage of these workloads to both local as well as shared network based file systems. As an application goes over its fair share of IO resources it will begin to impact other jobs on the same node. In the case of a shared network file system; this behavior could impact all jobs on the entire cluster.

MS Profiler Module

MS Profiler module for MicroScheduler is a sophisticated workload profiling, analysis and planning solution that provides new levels of intelligence, and visual analysis of your cluster. MS Profiler takes the guesswork out of complex gird configuration, capacity planning and workload scheduling initiatives. This Module is designed to help you create a predictable job process flow by analyzing key utilization metrics that give you visibility into the depth of your workload jobs for up-front planning and analysis to ensure a maximum return on investment.

MS Core Optimizer

With an increasing number of cores per socket, and therefore an increasing number of jobs per machine, the ability to isolate CPU resources and protect them from other applications becomes paramount. With microScheduler Core Optimizer applications can be restricted to a specific set of CPU cores. The Core Optimizer prevents an application’s processes and threads from switching cores and protects the CPU resources allocated to other workloads.